Myles Thompson

Banksia ∙ NSW ∙ 2216

M: 0479 071 788 ∙ E:

Australian Permanent Resident




Highly accomplished and performance focused Digital Set Designer with 10+ years of international experience

(Australia and UK) in theatre and set design, corporate and launch events, music videos and commercial and computer-generated imagery. Demonstrated ability to multi-task under pressure and effectively manage multiple projects simultaneously while employing solid organisational, coordination and problem solving strengths. Recognised throughout my career for my leadership,

commitment and teamwork with a focus on the achievement of consistently outstanding results.


Set Designing  Animation  3D Visualization  Strategic Planning  3D Modelling  Event Design  Project Leadership




Proven ability in completing projects with exceptional quality and attention to detail.

Successfully completed a 2 year project at Pinewood Film Studios building low/hi assets for a CG

animation SCI-FI (Captain Scarlet) for Gerry Anderson.

Worked on various independent projects requiring the building of CG Assets for TV commercials,

in-house corporate  videos and children’s television programs.

         Highly proficient in computer operations and various software programs including:

          Maya 2016, CC Photoshop, illustrator,  Vector Works 2016.

Production design work has been applied to the following

          Music Videos, TV Commercials, Corporate Events, Lighting Projects, CGI for TV and 3D Modelling.

 Skilled in developing low-poly models and animatics for pre-visuals.

  Strong commercial acumen acquired through successful management in highly competitive  

environments with an in depth knowledge of maintaining brand and reputation.

Designs have been seen at events such as the BAFTA Awards, the Radio Times and the Ministry of Sound.




Staging Connections Sydney

NSW April 2012 - Present Senior Digital Set Designer

Design and develop high-end AV events including:Corporate events (e.g. AGM), exhibitions and award ceremonies

Responsible for developing designs and rendering 3D concepts for execution with CAD plans

Create cutting-edge design projects focused on 3D Visualization and animations for pixel mapping

Liaise alongside the in-house construction department in the implementation of projects. 




Young Talent Time – Concept designer

Produced a series of CAD plans for a pre-production TV show at Fox Studios, Sydney, NSW


Randlings: Animated intro for TV production

Production Company: ZSpace Australia.


VMware Vforum George P. Johnson Australia

Involved in the design of the VMware Trade Show (The leading virtualization / cloud computing event) at the Sydney Exhibition & Convention Centre

Tools included: CAD/3D Pre-vis/3D Rendering


Pineapple Productions The Adventures of Orson Island (Pinewood Film studios) UK.

Motion Capture Dept.  Building proxy LD models,
Planning MoCap layout scene-by-scenes with the directors.

Create Low Definition models to scale from (Art Dept.)

Produce orthographic dimensioned images of all models for construction to be built

for the motion capture shoots.


Da Vinci Code Film.

Production Company: Painting Practice UKPre-vis modelling for major film DaVinci Code (Angels and Demon’s).Built major sections of the Vatican in Rome in low poly for a preview animation.To demonstrate and lock-down complicated camera moves. End result Quick-Time of 15sec over 6 shots.


      Sainsbury Magic Commercial

     Production Company: Partizan UK
                     Responsible for building over half of the assets for the TV commercial.
Mostly animation with live action cut-away.


The New Captain Scarlet

Gerry Anderson (pinewood film studios) Motion Capture Dept.
Production co: Indestructible productions
Build proxy LD models
Plan MoCap layout scene-by-scene with the directors
Create Low Definition models to scale from DXF files

Produce dimensioned images of all models for construction to be built.

Oversee the MoCap shoots (17 episodes in total)

The New Captain Scarlet CGI TV Series (Hypermarionation) 

Production Company: Indestructible UK (Gerry Anderson) Assets Dept.
Modelling and rigging for props and sets. The bulk of the work was HD polygon modelling.

 All models were optimised and cleaned.

Dyson Commercial

Production Company: Painting Practice UK
New Dyson product commercial, optimising the model and setting up the cameras for previews for a live action shoot.


RENEW Corporate Media Metrica

Production Company: Painting Practice UK
Built 300ft reality replication of architectural buildings of Liverpool St for a corporate animation. Also designed and built an airport for the same product.


In the night garden

(Digital Storyboard Artist) Rag doll Production.UK
Creating still renders from the directors shoot list in 3D. 1 week to produce over 60 shoots per episode.

Radio Times: Magazine Product Re-Launch for BBC Worldwide, London

Designed installation: 3D interior set designed and built initially in 3D max for an installation which was then constructed and displayed in the Radio Times Worldwide Building


The BAFTA Awards: Award Ceremony

Designed installation: 3D exterior set designed and built in 3D max celebrating 50 years of Radio and Television (Involved old radio transmitters with rotating 50s style televisions on top)


Virgin Atlantic: 18th Birthday Promotion Commercial

Involved in the building of the 3D interior studio (built in 3D max) in the style of an old function room for a television advertisement filmed in the style of the Full Monty


Bloomberg Satellite

 Channel Corporate Launch / Channel Magazine Launch

Designed installation


Philip Morris

 Marlboro Toured Event Throughout Germany

Designed installation


Auto Sports

 Awards Event at the Grosvenor Hotel, London

Costume Design


NorskeSkog Magazine

 Corporate in-house Video

Dress to Location/Set Build



 Corporate Video Presentation

Studio Build (On set water effects shot in high speed)


Xbox Launch Event

 Xbox 360 Corporate Event in Sweden

Produced interior Hi-Res images for the launch event (3D visualization)




Dress to Location: Victoria Beckham (Mind of its Own’ 


Pop Video), Matt Goss (Fly shot at Abby Rd Studio, Pop Video),


Blue (‘Drive By’ and ‘If You Come Back’ Pop Video),


Charles Worthington (Television commercial)


Studio Build: Stephen Gately (‘I Believe’ Pop Video), (Television commercial),


Observer Magazine (Television commercials),


D.V.L.A (Television commercial),


Vinnie Jones Album (Television commercial)


Richard Ashcroft (“Check The Meaning”, Pop Video),


Studio 45 (“Freak It”, Pop Video),


Peter Heller (“Big Love”, Pop Video),


Sal soul Nugget (“If U Wanna”, Pop Video),


DJ Punk Roc (“My Beat Box”, Pop Video),

UB40 (Pop Video)


Studio/Dress: Secrets of the Dead (Channel 4 series),

David Sneddon (Pop Video)




Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Theatre Design​Major: Set Design, Lighting and CostumeCentral Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design, London, UK


The Higher National Diploma (HND) in Art and Design​3D Conceptual Design - Specializing in Model-MakingSunderland Polytechnic, Sunderland, UK


Additional Training

Class 2 AutoCAD, City in Guilds, UK